Jun 17, 2014

Signs of Summer

As we approach Summer Solstice our gardens reflect the drought conditions by a shortened growing season.  Many late summer blooming perennials have already popped and/or seem to be smaller than usual.
This photo taken in May captures a variegated Yucca in bloom.

Calandrinia spectabilis
This mature Manzanita reveals what's beneath its beautiful chocolate outer layer.
Arctostaphylos 'Dr. Hurd'
These photos where taken in April.  This Berkeley low-water garden is already in full glory.
Hesperaloe parvifolia in the foreground with Agastache, Salvia 'Red Velvet' and Verbena bonariensis

Euphorbia 'Ascot Rainbow' peaks out from behind this salvia.  

'Big Red' Kangaroo Paw along side Chrysocephalum.


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