May 25, 2014

Growing up

Vertical plantings are a great option for small areas that need a little green or great way to augment an existing planting.
Last week we installed Wooly Pockets on a fence that is the primary view point from the home owner's kitchen.  The location gets full direct sun and is quite exposed.  The natural inclination is to plant succulents but the past few winters have been cold enough to kill succulents that are unprotected.  Here I used a combination of natives, drought tolerant succulents and South African plants that can stand up to the heat and take a little bit of cold.
We left enough space at the bottom to accommodate seating at the built in bench.
As the plantings and trailing ground covers fill in the pockets will hardly be noticeable.

Below is a vertical planting that was installed almost a year ago.  The planting was used to fill the area above the water feature adding a lush feel in this tropical inspired garden.

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