Jul 17, 2014

Garden Update

This Albany garden was installed this spring.  The home owner sent me these photos of the garden after his return from a stint of travel.
The flowering perennials and grasses are filling out and in full bloom.  In the foreground you can see Lavender 'Provence' and Lomandra 'Sea Breeze'.  Toward the fence there is a citrus and Salvia confertiflora that will eventually hide the tree stump.

Here you can see a walkway of wooly thyme in full bloom leading to the patio.  In the back ground off to the left are Gaillardia and Penstemon 'Garnet'.  Against the fence are the transplanted roses coming back to live and Kangaroo Paw.  In the immediate foreground is Hesperaloe parvifolia.

Here is a link to an earlier post of the before and after of this garden.


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