Jul 5, 2015

Woodland Retreat

This recently completed Oakland project called for low retaining walls in the back garden to support the sloping landscape and prevent soil build up from the existing Cedar and Oak trees.
The primary viewpoint and experience of this garden will be from the deck above.  The goal was to create a woodland sanctuary for the local bird population will adding color and interest in the shady conditions.  I used bright leaf color and different textures to create contrast that would be visible from above.

Plants are spaced to accommodate future growth.
Stone steps add visual interest and functionality.
In the front we planted the existing redwood terraced boxes with native and low water plantings such as Correa, Verbena and Euphorbia.  In the lower planting space a dry creek bed was added to break up the planting space. 

Strategically placed stones help create a 'bend' in the river bed.
Now the home owners can enjoy a 'Zen' moment before entering their home.

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