Jul 18, 2010

Kensington garden

It's always satisfying to see a garden thrive and fill in quickly after it's been planted--we consider it a testament to the careful and thorough soil amendment and preparation we do when we do an installation. We were recently back to the same garden in El Cerrito that we planted in Nov 2009 for a maintenance visit and it is looking great! The exposed irrigation hose in one of the photos makes me crazy to look at, but please ignore it and know that we re-buried it as part of our routine maintenance in our visit. I should also say that we got rid of an existing old lawn when we planted this garden, to reduce maintenance and water use. It will be fun to see this same garden in fall when the Japanese maple turns color. Mya


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  2. This was my last stop on my Europe trip, I loved it, it was simply beautiful. As I walked through the gardens in search of the Peter Pan statue.
    I asked a local if it was down the path to the left only to be told I don't know who that is.
    Thankfully it was to the left and if was even better than I imagined.

    It's one of the few things I would go back and see again


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