Apr 29, 2010

Berkeley hills parking strip planting

Say goodbye to blah parking strips! We designed and planted this parking strip and renovated some areas inside the fence of this Berkeley hills residence about two and a half years ago. Plantings had to be tough, drought tolerant, low maintenance, and deer resistant! We planted tough but colorful evergreen shrubs like 'Razzleberry' loropetalum, 'Sunset Gold' Breath of Heaven, and added structural perennials like santolina, leucadendron 'Jester' and African daisy. These plantings only require quarterly maintenance to keep them looking their best.

Below: Leucodendron 'Jester' is in the foreground, purple loropetalum in the middle, santolina is the fuzzy silver mounded perennial in the back, african daisy is the low silvery perennial in front, and lime thyme is the bright green ground cover.

Below: close-up of the multicolored leaves of the 'Razzleberry' loropetalum

Hope everyone is enjoying the sun again! The rain is great for the gardens and my allergies but it sure has been soggy working outside! Mya

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