Aug 31, 2017

Modern Kensington

A modern take on a beautiful Kensington garden
Installed June 2017

A family with small children were having difficulty utilizing their small patio space and bi-level garden.

The small lawn offers a wonderful play space surrounded by screening trees for added privacy.  The low water grasses, pin cushion shrubs, kangaroo paws, & hydrangea 'limelight', add a soft yellow, green & sage color palatte to this gorgeous modern backyard.



Written by B.B. Garibaldi


  1. Amazing work! The space after and before has much difference in them. The small patio is very attractive now. Thanks for the images! Both before and after images show the change in the space.

  2. What a brilliant design and decoration .It seems like nothing is more beautiful than nature. Great Work you guys are doing.All the best for future work .
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