Jun 6, 2016

Moroccan Modern


This fun garden design project called for a contemporary fell with inspiration from the home owners love of Moroccan culture and color.  The photos above feature a Navajo flagstone patio, blue pergola with 3"x3" slats on the back and roof to provide a respite from the sun and a small grill canopy of clear corrugated plastic to allow the grill master to stay dry in the rain.

Along the edge of the patio and decomposed granite walkway are two "L" shaped veggie boxes and a perennial garden just beyond the boxes.

To increase storage space a multi-use she-shed was incorporated into the design.  Suddenly bikes and camping gear have a place to be stored and easily accessed.  The steel lined dg path extends to a side gate that leads to the front of the house. 

'Orange Cross' Kangaroo Paw hang out along the back side of the pergola.  A great foil for the Moroccan Blue.


  1. Nice pergola you've got there. Your outdoor area looks very good and comfortable.

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