Mar 3, 2014

Alternative Lifestyle

This El Cerrito garden had lovely modern concrete work but the original planting of ornamental grasses had outworn their welcome.  To accommodate the home owners request for an open usable front garden that would draw the neighborhood children to visit and play with their young ones we reworked the existing layout keeping and pruning the screening trees and adding drought tolerant plantings surrounding a lawn alternative of Dymondia.

Boulders are used as seats that will eventually flank an adult sized bench.  River stones that once filled in between stepping stones were repurposed to fill in around stones for easy stepping.

The areas between the stepping stones are now planted with drought tolerant Wooly Thyme and shade tolerant Blue Star Creeper.  The plant selection of Euphorbia, Kangaroo paw, Cordyline, Carex and Verbena lend themselves to this modern hardscape.

Before Images


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