Jun 28, 2011

Welcome to my garden.

My San Francisco Bernal Heights garden is bursting at the seams this summer. The winter rains and recent spurts of warm sunny weather have brought the garden into its own.  Planting a combination of California natives, drought tolerant and low water plants from Australia, New Zealand and South Africa creates a colorful garden with year round interest.  Hardscape elements include a small deck, dry creek, sitting stones and bench. Each sitting area is tucked into the garden offering a space to enjoy the immediate surroundings or the view of the city beyond.
Utilization of bloom color, leaf texture and leaf color creates contrast and interest in the planting areas. Repeating colors of fuschia colored blooms from the old rose in the background and geranium in the foreground as well as the yellow pom poms of the interspersed Chrysocephalum have added continuity that tie the garden together.
As you exit through the gate, you enter into the gravel patio garden featuring a basalt water fountain and blooming perennials. These are the main attraction to the local yellow finch, finch & hummingbird populations.

Also incorporated in our gravel patio garden are a seating area for outdoor dining, fire pit and sitting stone.

This amazing Calandrinia spectabilis is one of the most rewarding succulents in the garden. It gets no irrigation.


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